PinkSheep comes with no warranties or guarantees. Although we promise not to sell your details to marketers, that’s too tacky even for us. Anything you post here becomes our non-exclusive property. This means that one day, I can write a “Best of PinkSheep” by copying and pasting, and live on a tropical island on the proceeds. We can also change this agreement if we want to, any time and without notification; how exciting is that?

You can publish anonymously, and are encouraged to, if you have some super secret and juicy information. Don’t be an anonymous douche though, no-one likes that and we’ll ban your arse faster than a cheetah on amphetamines.

Don’t be under 18. We get racy here, and to be honest if you have come here and you’re under 18 you probably are mature enough to play along, but frankly we don’t need the grief from the over protective parents of the world.

Don’t just repost shit, sparkle, and add some commentary; tell us what you really think. Posts that say “Hey look at this!” and end with a youtube link will be thrown into a fiery pit along with you. Don’t post just to say you agree. No one likes an echo chamber, it’s both alarming and tacky.

Don’t be sexist, racist, transphobic or homophobic. We can (and should) gently mock ourselves and others, but when you start putting people down without mercy and can’t see for the red mist of hate, you need to step back from the keyboard.

Don’t talk to yourself. It’s creepy, and if I want to see that sort of interaction I’ll use public transportation. You can bump a topic once. Bumping it more than that or resorting to sock-puppety will result in broken fingers and smack-smacks. If you go anonymous to confess something, well that’s ok, just don’t make a habbit of it.

Don’t be a hall monitor. We have administrators and you’ll know if you’re one. If you’re not, don’t pretend to be one or act like you are one, we will kick your arse like some sort of amazing arse kicking machine. Participate, don’t regulate is the rule du jour. On that note, please ignore the trolls and the rage addicted, we will be coming by shortly to escort them out of the building.

Don’t choose a crappy animated avatar, people have enough to worry about without fearing a seizure caused by some flashing picture of a cat wearing a head band and playing a guitar. Seriously who makes that shit? Try and be tasteful and subtle. Ask yourself “Would this appeal to a 13 year old girl or maybe a 20-something man with ADHD?” if the answer is yes, don’t use it.

Be brave, be opinionated, be rational, be yourself, be thoughtful, be brilliant, be literate, be banal, but most of all be open to others and dialogue.