That’s so gay. 1

That's so gay.
I admit it, I’m angry.  I’m fucking livid.  I have been sitting at my desk listening to these bitches in finance discuss this, that and the other and every time they want to comment negatively about something they refer to it as ‘Gay’. When the fuck did this word become a negative adjective? Why has ...

This week in music 1

This week in music
Lunatico – Gotan Project Label: Xl Recordings Release Date: 11 April 2006 Genre(s): Electronica, Downtempo/Nu-Tango I normally wouldn’t want to stray into a habit of reviewing music that isn’t ‘up to the minute’ or currently in charts but I had to share this.  In the lead up to my trip to Spain next year, this ...

This Week in Music 1

This Week in Music
Head First – Goldfrapp Label: Mute Records Release Date: 16 March 2010 Genre(s): Electronica, Synthpop Too high to write a sentence! Love it! Love her! Buy it! Twelve thousand stars shooting all over my face! I left something in the oven!

This week in Music

This week in Music
Soldier of Love – Sade Label: Sony Release Date: 6 February 2010 Genre(s): RnB, Urban It’s been 10 years since this siren has released an album and, as expected, it’s straight from the heart.  Word on the grapewire is that we had to wait for her to fall in love again before the inspiration for ...

This week in Music

This week in Music
Friendly Fires – Friendly Fires Label: Beggars Xl Release Date: 23 September 2008 Genre(s): Rock, Indie I’ve been cranking the volume on my phones with this for the last few weeks and have nothing but positive feedback to share. It’s a sexy marriage of dance beats and indie rock being hard fucked by 10 inches ...