That’s so gay. 1

I admit it, I’m angry.  I’m fucking livid.  I have been sitting at my desk listening to these bitches in finance discuss this, that and the other and every time they want to comment negatively about something they refer to it as ‘Gay’.

When the fuck did this word become a negative adjective?

Why has it become an acceptable part of modern vernacular?


Has anyone else experienced my grimace on hearing this?

One comment on “That’s so gay.

  1. avatar Reply Shane Jun 29,2010 10:35 pm

    Actually I take a broader view. Fifty years ago gay meant happy and colourful. The homosexual community co-opted it to brand them in a more positive light. Now it is being appropriated by young people to mean lame (but in an mild way, seems to be used for things that try and fail to be cool). In another generation it will probably be a shade of orange. Ask the young people about how they are using the word and they will swear blind that the lame/gay and the homo/gay are completely different senses of the word. English is full of other words with situationally defined meaning, and we don’t get upset about them.

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