April Stars quick review.

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April – the month started off like a pistol. Yes I am aware that it is already the 18th (though I have only rewritten this on the 17th) and that the month is almost at an end. Anyway, back to the pistol analogy. Things that had been on the backburner have now come to the fore, things that weren’t working either mended itself or finally broke apart (ie job situation, financial issues…relationships!) What is also interesting is that there was a regression back to old habits, in particular, bad ones. What is interesting is that this time around, there seems to be more will power to say no. Whether initially or eventually. The bill for the indulgences and, for some, delusions, of March had finally come. Some were able to pay it, some needed to get a loan, and others were tried and judged unfit for human association and a period of isolation occurred. And there are those special few who are rather disgruntled about the whole month that the only way to appease their wrath is to sacrifice the Ram and string up its bloody pelt as a warning to the Bull who happens to be coming up to tone down whatever shenanigans they have planned. Though if this were to happen, I suspect that it would goad the Bull into action rather than warn it.

The month also began in what is called a Shadow Period. Period of 2 weeks prior to the Retrogradation of a planet (it slows down and appears to move backwards from an Earth-bound standpoint). The planet in question is Mercury. Yes I can hear quite a few audible gasps and groans. For those who aren’t savy, Mercury is the planet of communication and all things associated with it. Ever wondered why when deals or thought processes that were going so well suddenly took a turn for the worst? Well check an ephemeris (planetary table), and you may find that Mercury was turning at or close to that point. Well fear not as not only does this happen only 3 times a year, but these are prime times for revision, self audits (great time to find possible tax deductions ), resigning leases, backing up data (I’m doing so as I write this!) and if in a iffy situation, it’s the perfect time to back out with less fuss than there would usually be. Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th of April to the 12th of May. Even so, the period following it is what I call a Haze. Everything seems to be okay but things are still a bit fuzzy around the edges. The dust really settles when Mercury returns to the degree it was at before it retrograded which will be on…the 29th of May. ….Long wait, I know…. Luckily, the next one won’t be till the 20th of August.

Editors Note: I was slack in getting to this in time.  I am a very bad man.

• Headline: The self, appearance, spotlight time (no not the fabric store)
• Mercury affected area: Finances and movable assets. (watch that bank account)
• Verdict: Have fun but try to be thrifty about it. “Hey, Big Spender!” is what they’ll be yelling if you’re not careful…

• Headline: Seclusion and reflection. Time to hide away.
• Mercury affected area: Appearance. Watch that mouth. Not to mention that waistline
• Verdict: Indulge in private. It’s cheaper, more comfortable and if you say or do anything faux pas, it stays at home. Where it belongs!

• Headline: Groups, friends and dreams. Feeling lucky?
• Mercury affected area: Self-undoing. Luck can only be taken so far, Gemini. So can the patience of others. Don’t push it.
• Verdict: “Listen sister. If I wanted your opinion, I’ll beat it outta ya!” – Elvira. No unsolicited advice, Gemini. Thanks. Your friends do come equipped with both feelings and fists. Remember that.

• Headline: Reputation and public exposure. Do try not to embarrass yourself.
• Mercury affected area: Associations. Things may seem unstable. Shoulders back, eyes down, Cancer.
• Verdict: Don’t put too much stock in new associates. Enjoy them for what they are as they could cost you your reputation. Watch for bouts of possessiveness and jealousies. Whether others or, most likely, your own!

• Headline: Higher education, spirituality, Long distance travel. Time for a trip?
• Mercury affected area: Reputation. Watch out for that temper.
• Verdict: I know , lately, you may be full of beans (among other things) Leo, but really. Knock it off. You aren’t the only firecracker out there. And there are some with far bigger bangs than you, so watch yourself.

• Headline: Debts and shared resources. Check to see that it all adds up.
• Mercury affected area: Spirituality. Crisis of faith? Or merely a revision?
• Verdict: Best to start sorting what needs to be sorted in regards to things that you share. You may have missed something.

• Headline: One-on-one relationships and open enemies. They have been both of late, haven’t they?
• Mercury affected area: Debts. Stop pretending the debit card is a Platinum.
• Verdict: Love may be a battlefield, but that’s no excuse to play the bitch. Save it, Libra or you may find your usual charm won’t work later.

• Headline: Toil and Illness. Time for those multivitamins…
• Mercury affected area: Relationships. That silent thing that you do? Keep it up. Suddenly having a mouth won’t help this month. Save it for May.
• Verdict: Been moody, have we? Yes we know. So do half the population. Wah, frickn’ Wah, Scorpio! Sort it on your own time. Not in the mood.

• Headline: Creativity and Pleasure. Feeln’ Frisky, are we?
• Mercury affected area: Work. Yeah best not to try and bed the new hottie at work. VD or the boss’s personal playtoy. Save it for after work drinks.
• Verdict: Just entertain at home. It’ll be safer for us all.

• Headline: Home and family. Time to tackle fixing that toilet.
• Mercury affected area: Pleasure. Blockage? Change of scenery will do the trick.
• Verdict: The public knows you haven’t been a happy chappy. But what exactly are you going to do about it? Oh, and Oscar would like his trash can back.

• Headline: Siblings and the Community. Should you stay or should you go? Pick up the phone and dial.
• Mercury affected area: Home. Spring cleaning! You’ll finally be able to get rid of useless old junk (actual junk or people)
• Verdict: Local minister or professor may have a viable solution for something that’s been nagging you. No, I’m not kidding. At least check it out.

• Headline: Moveable resources (assets/money/but not the house). Bought more than you could handle? Compensating for something?
• Mercury affected area: Communication. Just because you have a voice doesn’t mean you should use it without your brain…wait…brain?
• Verdict: Ask an Aquarian you know to help you out in regards to getting rid of crap you don’t really need. Flipside, you could also be helping them out with their issues. It’s proactive, cheaper than therapy, and far more entertaining.

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