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Disclaimer: These forecasts that I’ve written are written to show what the headlines for your particular sign are. The details would take up too much space and would take more effort than I can currently afford to give at the moment. If you’re just interested in things like “Will I meet someone?” or “Will I get more money?”, then its best that you read some other column. What I’m providing are the focus points of the current month and the possibilities and pitfalls that come with it for your sign.

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March as a month – March starts off with a bang! All those things that had bubbled away beneath the surface will come out of the ground this month, especially on the first. Things come to fruition, the cows have come home and, depending how February was handled, they may come bearing posies or pistols. For some this may be their time to do what needs to be done. For others, it signals a time of seclusion. Someone you know seems to have gone into hiding? Leave them a message and leave them be. They will get back to you once they have had time to themselves.
Pisces is the Herald the month of March and this year it’s in a strong position to get what it wants. However the opposition, Virgo, will still bring stone-cold reality into the picture. So any unrealistic fantasies and false idols that may have popped up over the past year, will crumble. Sit back and enjoy the disintegration. There is nothing you can do about it. If you try, you will disintegrate as well and if you have any dirty laundry, it will be exposed so just go with the flow and let things pass.
Reason holds no sway this month. Osmosis works far better. Take it all in and sort it in the latter half of the month. Projects and plans that may have been delayed since December 2009 will start to move forward after the 10th, though don’t expect it to be full steam ahead till next month. The fact that things are moving again should be good enough. Projects aren’t the only things that are starting to move along. Repressed tempers are as well. Someone gave you an ear full in February? Well if you have been keeping it in, March is likely when you let them know exactly what you think of what they had to say. For their sake, I hope you won’t be too rough. On the other hand, there are some that need to be told that they were out of line. If you were the one that had blown your top, get ready for the backlash. Don’t bother fighting back either…you will lose, whether you were right or not. Simple as that.

PiscesPisces – March is here and it’s all about autonomy. Hopefully you didn’t waste time in February and had used the time to reinvent yourself or at least give yourself an image spruce-up. Why, you may ask? Because now is the time to test it all out. You’ll be in the spotlight, whether you like it or not. And no, it’s not necessarily the paparazzi kind. People will just seem notice you more than usual and this time you can use it to your advantage as you have the necessary power boost to back it up. This boost comes only once every 12 years and the next time around it may not be as charged as this time. You’ll also have charm on your side, so if there were any boo-boos made last month, you can at least pass an olive branch on. Whether or not they accept it is another story, but it will at least be acknowledged which is more than some can hope for, some of the time. If you’ve been a little unwell or if things at work have been less than satisfactory, it should start to clear up from mid month, but you won’t be out of it till April, so hang in there. The possible downside for March? Others may be more critical of what you do, say, etc…however it’s not without its reasons, so just accept the criticism, as hard as it may be, because there may be some wisdom in what others may say. How diplomatic they may be is another story. By the end of the month, you’ll get what’s coming to you. Whether you handled it well or less than stellar. If you did nothing…you get nothing!

AriesAries – The end of your sign’s current cycle has come. The things that you have learned, collected, gained and lost throughout the past year gets looked at this month. And the best way to do this is in private. This is the best time to seclude yourself from the world. Not socializing or living alone does not count. Take yourself away from it all. Get out of the house and go away for a couple of days. If not then just an hour or two a day and devoting the weekend to yourself is enough. And you need to take a good, hard, and above all, honest look at your current situation. Are you happy with the way things turned out? Have you achieved what you had set out to do? Was the year at least memorable? There is a quote from an episode of ‘Ally McBeal’, of all places, that have stayed with me. “If you think back, and replay your year – if it doesn’t bring you tears of joy or sadness, consider the year wasted..” Was it wasted, Aries? Honestly? It’s stock take time. Cultivate and store what will be of use and get rid of what doesn’t work for you anymore. Yes that includes people too. Also should the words “if” of “it could” come into any decisions regarding what stays and goes, most chances are that it should go. Remember, the “if”s and “it could”s of today will be the garbage of tomorrow, so why not get rid of it now? Luckily, if you work at it, you will receive some sort of clarified perspective by mid month. And if your social life has been a bid down in the dumps, by mid month you should start receiving invitations for fun. But ask for a rain cheque till next month. The invites will still be there, it’s more that you’ll be ready by then to test out the new you.

TaurusTaurus – Your friendships and groups that you associate with, whether it be social or otherwise, come to the fore this month. What’s more it’s also about the personal pleasure that you associate with them. Good time to expand your circle and meet some new acquaintances. However, take whatever is said by them with a grain of salt. Some may be prone to exaggeration. And some may down-right deceive you. With that said, there may be more progress made in small, intimate groups rather than large ones (i.e. going to a club). Some of you may have also found that going out in the past few months haven’t held that much joy, well from mid month that should change. Romance is also a possibility, provided you put yourself in a position to receive it. In saying that though, at the same time, the possibilities of being lead astray are rather great. It was also your choice to be lead. Whether you believed it to be or not. It could also make you rather ill too, so be sure when to say no. Also use that time to enjoy yourself with your friends for soon it will be your turn to head into seclusion. But that’s next month. Another quick note is if you have been involved with children (whether your own or not), they may have been more than a handful. Things will even out by next month. Just in time, I say.

GeminiGemini – Your standing and reputation is called into question. You may be sought after for advice or for others to simply bask in your glory. Responsibilities come into the equation too. Have you been keeping up with them? If yes, then the kudos are given this month. No? Expect disappointment. And no, it doesn’t matter how clever you may be, you won’t be able to fool everyone this time. And that includes you. Your life is in the greater public eye now. Time to behave. If you do decide to be bad, you’d better do a damn good job of it. This is no time to do things half-assed. Because what you do will carry on to next month, so make it count. Has life direction been on the backburner for a while? Well mid month sees the clearing of the debris that may have been holding you back, or what you’ve been using as an excuse, and now the way is clear. Don’t fret if you don’t feel you’re ready. Just use this month and next as times to plan things out, then review for another month to fine tune it all, then by June you should be good to go. Hasty decisions are ill advised, as at best they don’t pan out. At worst, they pan out with the opposite effect. Another thing you should probably take note of is that home life (this may include family, especially your parents), may detract you away from the public eye now and again. Don’t ignore it. It may end up assisting you or giving you the answers you need in order to move forward. That is…do you really want to move forward or is it just a pipe dream that you tell yourself?

This isn’t the time to sit around, twiddle your thumbs (or anything else, for that matter) and hold unreasonable attitudes, Cancer. Get out there!

CancerCancer – The itch of the travel bug seems to have popped up? Well it’s time to get up and go. The call of the foreign and the exotic has grown strong and the desire to escape the bonds of everyday life has now taken its toll. And no it does not have to be to another country. Different cultures, philosophies, even higher education are great ways to explore the world at large. The opportunity to do so presents itself mid week. A possible down side to the month? Reason is not your friend this March. The time to take a critical look of your current belief system also comes to light. And for once, it’s a good thing because this time you may be a bit more receptive to looking at other philosophies more than before. A crisis of the things you may have thought to be true may have let you down last month (whether in people or an actual faith) and left you questioning whether or not anything you believe is true anymore. Well testing time is over and now it’s time to go out and discover the world again. This isn’t the time to sit around, twiddle your thumbs (or anything else, for that matter) and hold unreasonable attitudes, Cancer. Get out there! Got in-laws? Well this month they either hold the answers or really test your patience. But at the end of the day, what they have to say for once be of actual use. Hang in there.

LeoLeo – Bills, bills, bills. The time has come to hold in that generosity and focus on conserving what resources you currently have, because this month may see the need for debts to be repaid. This also includes the debts that others owe you. Mid week sees a time that’s best for making choices regarding taxation, stored resources (yes, not just the money you have in the Bank), investments in which finances are involved, and key assets. The time is right to crunch the numbers correctly. Still don’t trust yourself? An accountant will do. It also includes those you’re involved with someone financially, whether it be the joint finances between partners or even flat mates and family members, this to sort it out if you’ve been putting it off. Don’t hold on to any anger and watch for aggression as you may be have little control over that in March. However right you may be in regards to a situation, don’t retaliate. Wait for a better time. Use the energy to tackle jobs that need taking care of. And stay away from the rumor mill, Leo! Discretion is a must this month, because we all know that after a few drinks, you’re a Perez Hilton in the making. And you’ll find that the things you may divulge, however insignificant it may seem, will find you on the receiving end of some rather nasty fall out scenarios next month, as well as the need for a little soul searching.

VirgoVirgo – A little touchy about our autonomy this month, are we? Well that’s not surprising as the issues of partnerships are the major headline for the month of March. No, it’s not just the romantic kind. Any kind of one on one relationship you may have comes to the fore. Romantic, business, familial, especially the relationships you have with any adversaries. It’s time to allow others to hold the reigns and shut up about it. Even if they may be heading in the wrong direction, just let them be. No one will listen to you anyway, and if they do, they probably won’t take heed of what you say, even if they usually do. You need to let others be who they are. Mid month sees the need to be with others. You need to interact with others now, Virgo. On a personal level, mind you. Don’t decline that invite to a party or dinner, catch up with some friends and show that you were not just a figment of their imagination. Already do all that? Well you’re there for them, not for you. And keep that critical tongue in check! Remember what I had said about enemies? Well you may make a few new ones or have discovered ones you didn’t even know about. Don’t try to fight as you’ll lose. As I stated, it’s the month for others to be who they are. The ball is in their court. Also, as hard as it is for you, but in March you can’t rely on logic and reason. It’s time to bite the bullet and go with your gut. You will be better off for it, because you could end up in some debt next month if you’re not careful.

LibraLibra – Last month was a hoot, wasn’t it? Still feeling the vibe? Well sorry Libra, but it’s time to come back down to earth. The trials and tribulations of daily life needs a once over this month. Time to spring clean, reorganize a few things, make sure all the bills are up to date, etc. What happens at work is also more apparent this month. The pros and, for some of you, cons about where you work show up more, and so to the cons. The praise and complaints received at work will be taken more personally. You may also be scrutinized more this month too. So if you’ve got a review coming up, be on your best behavior. Forget the jibes of co workers as you’ll be the one laughing when you get the bonus and they get the sack. Unemployed? This month is a good time to bite the bullet and just get any job. Also ‘Work for the Dole’ may place you in a few areas that could offer you a position later down the track, so do not turn down any opportunities. You can’t afford to this month. Your natural charm will help land the role. Pets and small animals also make their presence known too. The demand for more attention by them should be met. If not, they will make their displeasure more than known. Bad side? The excesses of last month may have finally caught up with you with the arrival of illnesses and generally feeling under the weather. Mid week brings the opportunity to recover, but you’ll need to take the time to do it. You need to take better care of yourself and get your health back up top code, Libra because unfortunately, this month, no one else will. And if they do, they won’t do a good job of it.

ScorpioScorpio – The time to have some fun has finally come up, Scorpio! Not just social fun either. Going to the Spa and a spot of shopping may be a highlight. Hobbies hold extra joy for you, this month. The possibilities for creativity and, what Oprah calls, “Light Bulb Moments” are the flavor for the month. Children also could be pleasant entertainment too. They don’t even have to be your own kids. The things they say and do could put a smile on your face for days. The best part is, is that since they’re not yours; you don’t have to deal with any tantrums and problems at the end of the day. Not feeling the fun vibe as yet? Not to worry as by mid week, the desire will come. Romance is also a particular possibility too. If you’re looking for long lasting commitment, forget it. This is a time to just get back to the feelings of anticipation and moments of flirtatious sparring. The conquest is more important than the actual prize. Your sexual performance could also come into the spotlight too. So give it your all. How could anything possibly go wrong this month? Well let me tell you how. Don’t overdo it and don’t blow off (in both sense) the wrong people as you could be making a very big mistake. Your reputation could suffer. And I mean badly. And don’t become involved in the personal dramas of others as you may find yourself shifting from supporting cast to main antagonist. Not only that, but you will pay for it health wise next month too, so steady with those drinks there. Not to mention your mouth and your wallet.

SagittariusSagittarius – It’s time to come home, Sagittarius. This month sees you with matters of home and family rearing its head. Things around the house may need fixing, new furniture needs to be bought, and the need for renovations may be more evident. Or perhaps you still live at home and wish to move out. Well this is the right month to go out and find one. But make sure you have everything you need when you choose one and apply for it. Hanging out and reconnecting with family is the way to go as well. Not necessarily just immediate family either. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, all of them. The people you live with also count, so yes you need to spend more time with flat mates as well. This is also a time of endings, so that if a particular living situation isn’t working for you anymore, then well it’s time to attempt to fix it or fly. Issues with family also need to be dealt with too. Any surprises that need to be revealed, do it now whilst you still hold all the cards. They will either be more receptive or will be too shocked to speak while you slip away. Before mid week is the best time so that is there is any reconciliation that needs to happen, then after that should be good. A fresh start from an ending is also indicated. But only after the utter end. Nothing that’s merely temporary. Next month, that’s when you can have some fun.

CapricornCapricorn – A review of your communication techniques are now to be looked at. Not just verbal communication, but all forms. Written and even body language count too. And the way you do it too. Your ideas and use of images are also scrutinized. You may think you’re manner of communicating is fine, but others may not think so. The best judges of this will be your siblings, cousins and neighbors. Sibling issues come up as well. Are they less than stellar? Maybe it needs some work. Things may need to be said and apologies may need to be given. Even if don’t believe you were wrong, just say sorry. It will make things easier down the track. You may end up hanging out with them more than usual next month as well and with the rest of the family. And if there are issues with other members, it helps to at least have a sibling on your side. It really does make a world of difference. Trips are also highlighted this month. The desire to go far away may take hold, but how much do you know about your local area? Really? Yes you\may know where to go to get a bad hot dog at 3 am, but what about all the hidden spots that only a true local would know? It pays to know where you live. New hot spots to be discovered and new connections to be forged. Personal or business. Dark cloud of the month? Stay away from gossip! Seriously. What you may find out may be something you never wanted to know or it could even complicate matters with something or someone. Also it could affect your standing in way you may never know of till it’s too late. Mid month will be a real test of faith in your ability to stay out of it and, if you can’t stay out of it, to keep your mouth shut. Stay strong, Capricorn. Or stoic. Whatever works for you.

AquariusAquarius – Well Aquarius, you’ve had your time in the spotlight. Now it’s time to get back to reality. Finances and movable assets seem to be prominent this month. Hope you didn’t over indulge last month because the first thing you may get is the bill. And that isn’t a great way to start the month. A critical confrontation in regards to financial affairs may ensue as early as the beginning of the month. Whether in regards to debts owed to you or the ones you owe. Tread carefully in what is said and the answers that are given. Honesty works out for the best and may actually buy you more time or inspire more patience and sympathy. Though don’t expect too much from people because, at the end of the day, you’ll need to become active about it. Pursue it or come up with the needed funds as what is felt can only go for so long. Mid month sees a breakthrough through a financial opportunity in which funds are available. Decide carefully! Do not be frivolous and selfish with it. The result by the end of the month will be less than diplomatic if the dues aren’t paid, at least by half. Action that has been stalled since December last year, now starts to move forwards again, but slowly. By April, it should be business as usual. Stay strong. Things will be right again. Eventually. In the meantime, seek financial guidance. Whether from a professional or a trusted friend. The information you come across may be more than handy and may actually help you in more ways than you first thought.

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  1. avatar Reply Cat Mar 1,2010 9:00 am

    yes there are a few editorial mistakes that make even I cringe.  Hopefully April won’t be as messy :-\

  2. avatar Reply Joseph Nadler Mar 1,2010 9:20 am

    Spot on with my money woes!

  3. avatar Reply Cat Mar 1,2010 7:48 pm

    yes I have gotten an influx of messages from aquarians stating that.  It’s more evident for you because your rising sign and all.  But you know you, if you wanted to find the money you’ll find some way to find it.  the 14th is a new moon in pisces. money for an unconventional source may come through.  well hopefully.,

  4. avatar Reply Shane Mar 18,2010 6:50 am

    Great reading for me too Kitty. Love your work and great to see you finally publishing (I should pull my finger out and do so as well). Catch up over the easter holidays?

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