Ricky Martin Comes Out 2

Ricky Martin Comes Out
Well if you had a bet riding on Ricky Martin ’s sexuality, now is the time to collect. Tell your friends to, “Pay up!”, because it’s official- Ricky Martin has announced that he is indeed gay. Monday, Martin posted on his blog: “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man…This is just ...

This week in music 1

This week in music
Lunatico – Gotan Project Label: Xl Recordings Release Date: 11 April 2006 Genre(s): Electronica, Downtempo/Nu-Tango I normally wouldn’t want to stray into a habit of reviewing music that isn’t ‘up to the minute’ or currently in charts but I had to share this.  In the lead up to my trip to Spain next year, this ...

This Week in Music 1

This Week in Music
Head First – Goldfrapp Label: Mute Records Release Date: 16 March 2010 Genre(s): Electronica, Synthpop Too high to write a sentence! Love it! Love her! Buy it! Twelve thousand stars shooting all over my face! I left something in the oven!

Brady bunch backs bedrock in tacky taupe terror 6

Brady bunch backs bedrock in tacky taupe terror
Proving that money can’t buy you taste, this 2.5 million dollar travesty is safely contained in the geomantic curves of Canberra’s deep south. The taupe rendering and the stone work is meant to suggest earthiness, possibly stability; but instead invokes visions of “The Flintstones”, while the decidedly 70s architecture harkens back to the cheesiness of ...

March’s Astro-weirding 4

March's Astro-weirding
Disclaimer: These forecasts that I’ve written are written to show what the headlines for your particular sign are. The details would take up too much space and would take more effort than I can currently afford to give at the moment. If you’re just interested in things like “Will I meet someone?” or “Will I ...