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Hollywood’s annual back slapping night is almost upon us. This year there have been a few changes made for the 82nd Acadamy Awards, there will be ten films nominated for best picture and will be voted on using a preferential ballot. The producers have also annouced that speeches will be only 45 seconds long. Me thinks they are dreaming especially if Meryl wins a third statue. Below are my tips for the big awards Picture, Director, Screenplays and Acting; because lets face facts, who cares who wins best sound editing?

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Best Picture

The contenders: Avatar, The Blind Side, District 9, An Education, The Hurt Locker, Inglorious Basterds, Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire, A Serious Man, Up, and Up in the Air.

So the Acadamey is going back to the 1930’s when they had 10 nominted films for best picture. So having 10 doesn’t mean it will be any harder to pick a winner. Just like to doing a multiple choice exam you just have to narrow it down.

Up –  animated film and will probably win it’s own catagory.

The Blind Side – Family feel good film and when has one of them won.

District 9 – Science fiction film and if you had to pick a science fiction film this year you would be picking Avatar.

A Serious Man – A seriously over looked film.

An Education – Good British film but being good and Bristish doesn’t always make you a winner.

Up In The Air – If this wins anything it will be for it’s screenplay and that is pretty much it.

Precious – Would love this one to win, but Oscar won’t touch the subject matter, plus the vaguley upbeat ending works against it.

Avatar – Big box office + 9 nominations does not equal best film. No acting nominations, no screenplay and it’s science fiction.

And the winner is: That leaves Inglorious Basterds and The Hurt Locker. The Hurt Locker has won lots of awards for Best Film and should win. Inglorious Basterds would be a surprise.

Best Director

James Cameron – Avatar

Katheryn Bigelow – The Hurt Locker

Quentin Tarentino – Inglourious Basterds

Lee Daniels – Precious: Basekd on the Novel Push by Sapphire

Jason Reitman – Up in the Air

A woman has never won this and this Katheryn Bigelow should beat her ex husband, James Cameron to the Oscar.

Best Actor

Jeff Bridges – Crazy Heart,

George Clooney – Up in the Air

Colin Firth – A Single Man

Morgan Freeman – Invictus

Jeremy Renner – The Hurt Locker

Jeff Bridges should win this. I would love to see Colin Firth win, but Oscar doesn’t do gay. If there is going to be someone to spoil Jeff’s party it will be George Clooney. Everyone loves George and the acadamy is made up mostly of actors.

Best Actress

Sandra Bullock – The Blind Side

Helen MIrren – The Last Station

Carey Mulligan – An Education

Gabourey Sidibe – Precious based on the Novel “Push” by Saphhire

Meryl Streep – Julie and Julia

I never thought I would ever see Sandra Bullock’s name on a list of Oscar nominations, but it is there, and as unlikey as that may seem it is down to her and Meryl Streep. I am going out on a limb and say Sandra will win. Meryl is doing a biopic and putting on an accent; nothing she hasn’t done before. If there is a surprise in this catagory it will come from Gabourey Sidibe.

Best Supporting Actor

Matt Damon – Invictus

Woody Harrelson – The Messenger

Christopher Plummer – The Last Station

Stanley Tucci – The Lovely Bones

Christoph Waltz – Inglorius Basterds

This one is easy Christoph Waltz has won everything. If there was a spoiler it will Christopher Plummer Oscar like to reward the oldies from time to time and this is the catagory to do it in.

Best Supporting Actress

Penélope Cruz – Nine

Vera Farminga – Up

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Crazy Heart

Anna Kendrick – Up

Mo’Nique – Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

Mo’Nique will win this and then will suffer the curse of Best Supporting Actress and kiss any acting career goodbye.

Original Screenplay

Inglorious Basterds

Adapted Screenplay

Up in the Air

Animated Feature


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