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Soldier of Love – Sade
Label: Sony
Release Date: 6 February 2010
Genre(s): RnB, Urban

I've lost the use of my heart, yet I'm still alive

It’s been 10 years since this siren has released an album and, as expected, it’s straight from the heart.  Word on the grapewire is that we had to wait for her to fall in love again before the inspiration for another album could come.  Her soulful cries of love (lost and found) have been anthems for many a romantic and this album is another example of her talent.  Sade’s lyrics (always poetic and poingnant) once again capture the resolve and dignity of a survivor of love lost.  The title track opens with a clear reflection of this; ‘I’ve lost the use of my heart, yet I’m still alive’.

Truly one of my favourite artists. I’ve waited years for this.

5 stars

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