I need the edge

I need the edge, the bleeding edge, and I need it now. The internet first came to my high school around 1994. Exciting developments in html included images. Then I found irc, then came google and ebay, gaydar and gay.com that shit was exciting. I blogged with the other trailblazers rolling my own php script and crashing the server with an infinite and poorly constructed loop.

Old media, like feminism, is a walking corpse and I want to meet the heir

I resisted facebook (it still feels like a slightly more interactive gaydar to me) but then embraced it, along with wordpress and then twitter (I was terribly afraid I had missed that one). I stepped into the torrent the way Dorothy stepped in the tornado. I made (and paid for!) a flickr account and immediately connected with the same friends I had on facebook/twitter/gaydar.

Photo courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/antijoe

Tres tragic. I have come dangerously close to creating a wikipedia account only once, but I checked the article a week later and it was suddenly a well researched article. A seven day evolution from “stub” to “summit of knowledge”. God would be proud. I collaborated on an extension for an open source project in December last year. 250 odd people now use my plugin.

I find myself craving the next big thing. I’m twitching for it. It will certainly be interactive and collaborative. Shit, I build pinksheep.com just so I could focus the faggotry and snark of the internet in one place. You know what? It’s not enough. I crave the connection, I crave the conversation. Old media, like feminism, is a walking corpse and I want to meet the heir. Will there be video? Text? Certainly. Will people make money from it? Maybe. As a child I wanted to be a spy, as a teenager I wanted to be a brothel madame (not a pimp, I’m classier than that) and as an adult, I want to be at the center of it all, politics, media, art. When will the internet deliver that to me?

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